Trade in Iceland

A growing global awareness for the limits of natural resources and an increasing interest in renewable energy has put Iceland on the map as a leader in the production of clean energy. There are geothermally heated outdoor pools in every town and city which we urge every tourist to try. You can also visit some of the geothermal power stations which provide Iceland with hot water and electricity. The renewable energy of Icelandic waterfalls and rivers supply the country with an abundance of clean energy in the form of electricity. But caring for nature has been a consern of Icelanders for decades, Icleand’s primary source of income, the centuries old fishing industry, is strictly regulated by the Icelandic government to preserve the natural balance of the oceans and every effort is made to reduce the countries carbon footprint. Preserving nature is also of great concern to Icelanders because the wild natural beauty of the highlands is the graizing ground of the unique Icelandic sheep. These tough animals have survived in Icelands harsh climate for hundreds of years producing wool which cept the vikings warm. This same wool is now available in the traditional Icelandic sweater, hand knitted and sold in stores and online.