Tourism in Iceland

Tourism in iceland is a growing trade, the numer of people who choose to spend their holiday in Iceland grows each year and the tourist trade in Iceland grows accordingly. Today there are several large toruis companies which offer guided trips in Iceland, short day trips, longer tours in Iceland as well as a number of speciality tours such as Whale wathcing and hrosebackriding. However, there are also many more small tour operators and part time guides who supplement their income by guiding tourists in Iceland. Dispite this increse, the Icelandic tourist office maintains good relations with landowners in Iceland to keep access to the many tourist attractions in Icleand free and open to all. Tourism as a trade has also led to the development of many online businesses who promote and sell Icelandic products online such as the Icelandic handknit sweaters made from the finest Icelandic wool and other hand made items which keep the Icelandic artisan trade alive and well.