Scuba diving in Iceland

The Dive of a lifetime
Where else in the world can you dive down into the earths amazing depths, float between two continents as they slowly drift apart and experience a tranquility like no other. If you are on the hunt for something new to try on your adventure in Iceland why not test your limits and enjoy all this country has to offer, on land and off.
There is a variety of places and tour companies in Iceland that offer the adventurer the chance to dive in Iceland. Icelandic diving sites include Silfra ravine and David’s ravine in Thingvellir, the impressive underwater stalagmite called Strytan, a deep lava ravine on the Reykjanes peninsula called Bjarnagjá as well as Óttastaðir and Garður where marine life thrives in rich algae saturated waters.
Step into Iceland’s waters where there is a unique experience waiting for you. All you need is a drive for a dive like no other and the crystal clear waters of Iceland will do the rest, after all, they do include some of the best diving sites in the world.