Riding in Iceland

Imagine riding on an Icelandic horse through the quiet unspoiled landscape and wild Icelandic nature. There are short day tours available as well as longer rides which take several days and test the strength and stamina of the Icelandic horse as well as its rider. Taking part in a tour like that gives you the chance to try between 10 and 15 different horses during one tour, which develops your skill as a rider. You will also experience how the Icelanders travelled around the country with a herd of loose horses in the old days. Even if you are not an experienced rider there are plenty of exciting riding tours available for you. You will have the opportunity to ride trot, ‘tölt’ or a short canter and really experience the versatility of the Icelandic horse. Booking a ride for your Icelandic holiday gives you the opportunity to experience the Icelandic horse in its natural environment.