Breeze through the streets of Reykjavik on a rented bike and discover the beauty of this small city with a big attitude. That way you will know what to do and what to see in Iceland.

Rent a bike in Iceland to fully commit to the natural wonders that are available all around you. See thecenter of Reykjavik in a new light. Visit the main shopping area with a flair and travel to places you would otherwise miss because they are not accessible by bus.

There are several tour companies that can set you up with a rented bike, they offer guided day toursthrough the city taking you to see all the main spots. You will not regret spending a day on a rented bike in Reykjavik.
If you think you know where to go in Iceland and what to see in Iceland, especially the capital city of Reykjavik then you can also rent a bike and just head out into the (un)known.

Hve a great time riding a bike in Iceland.