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Elding Whale Watching offers the most talked-about whale watching and sea adventure tours in Iceland. With decades of experience, we provide responsible whale watching tours, year round. Our other tours include incentive and exclusive tours, and the ferry to Viðey Island.

We also have seasonal tours. In summer we offer puffin watching and sea angling, and in winter our tours include Northern Lights Cruises and Imagine Peace Tours.


We are proud to be the original whale watching operator in Reykjavík. Elding is a family owned company that began with a personal interest in wildlife, boats and people. Whale watching tours were the perfect way to unite these interests while giving locals and tourists the chance to experience Iceland’s marine life.

We started in 2000, and over the years our products and services have developed a great deal; from small-scale seasonal tours to year-round products, and whale watching is now one of the top three tourist activities in Iceland.


In early 2016 we began operating out of the heart of Akureyri in North Iceland where we now have two types of vessels and thus experiences to choose from (one 200 passenger catamaran and two 12 seater RIB’s). Our first year we had 100% whale sightings and we continue to see multiple whales daily! The unbeatable closeness to nature and wildlife is unlike any other.

As an added bonus – our complimentary tickets (in case there are no sightings on our tours) are now valid in either Reykjavík or Akureyri.


We follow IceWhale’s codes of conduct for responsible whale watching as well as following our own stricter guidelines. We take part in international cooperation on the future of whale watching, e.g. IWC and Planet Whale. To advance our knowledge we participate and support marine biologists reserach on wildlife in our area. Elding also is the first and only environmentally certified whale watching company in Iceland.

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Láki Tours

LÁKI TOURS is a thriving family-owned company in Grundarfjörður which specializes in whale watching and bird watching tours. We offer first-class boat trips that allow all our passengers to enjoy what is on offer. Our aim is to bring our customers as close to the whales as possible, without impacting negatively on them and their magnificent environment. Our policy of responsible whale watching involves respecting the world of the whale by approaching them slowly and carefully, by not encroaching on their space and by making sure that we never outstay our welcome.

Láki Tours adheres to the Ice Whale Code of Conduct, which dictates how boats should manoeuvre around whales and dolphins. One of our owners was instrumental in designing and implementing the Code of Conduct as an important part of being an environmentally conscious and sustainable whale watch. It ensure that we do not disturb the animals we are watching, by dictating the distance, direction and speed at which we approach the whales. We will often turn off the engines and drift with the animals, if conditions allow, so you can have a magical encounter with them, but with minimal disturbance. As we are the only whale watch company in both the areas we work, there will never be more boats than whales, again ensuring minimal disturbance.

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Gentle Giants

Imagine encountering whales in wild nature. This is what we do at Gentle Giants and welcome you aboard with us.

Gentle Giants offers whale watching tours and other exciting seafaring adventures from the famous whale watching town Húsavík by Skjálfandi Bay, in the north of Iceland.

Our company was founded in 2001 when eleven experienced and diverse individuals in Húsavík decided to combine their years of expertise in a variety of fields to establish a new travel and tourism company in Húsavík. They restored an old oak boat, originally used for fishing and whale hunting, and put it back into use sailing visitors around Skjálfandi Bay searching for whales – not for hunting but for watching. The huge effort grew into a giant success and Gentle Giants has ever since employed great staff and enjoyed a rapidly increasing number of passengers.

The company is proud of its originality and background, owned by Stefán Guðmundsson and his family. He is also the CEO, marketing manager and a captain. Stefán has strong roots in the bay and has been a fisherman since childhood. We were born by the bay of Skjálfandi and our ancestors too. Read more about our 150 years of family history in the bay.

Gentle Giants operates a fleet of traditional Icelandic oak boats, modern RIB speedboats and a fiberglass boat. This gives us the possibility to offer you all kinds of adventures at sea, whether scheduled or private tours. Our staff consists of both local and international people of all ages with various backgrounds and experiences.

Gentle Giants’ goal is to make every guest a happy one. We are proud to receive the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for the sixth consecutive year: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. It confirms and underlines that we are surely on the right track in outstanding service and delivering a great experience.

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Arctic Sea Tours

Arctic Sea Tours offers whale watching from Dalvik close to Akureyri in North Iceland. There are two option to go out whale watching, with and old traditional fishing boats where you can also fish on the same tour or in a fast and safe Rhib whale watching boat. Arctic Sea Tours is the only operator offering suspension seats on a rhib which are scientifically proven to provide better Shock Mitigation than any other seats.

We also have a variety of other sea adventures such as sea angling (fishing), and day tours out to the Arctic island Grimsey! Our location is 66°N close to the Arctic circle which lies just north of Iceland and through Grimsey island.

We operate licensed oak passenger boats, equipped according to strict standards set by the Icelandic Maritime Administration. We emphasize on personal service and small groups of passengers. We do our best to make your tour a special one and provide you with an unforgettable experience. We care greatly about the environment and animals around us and treat them with respect and caution, and ask that our visitors do the same.


Arctic Sea Tours ticket office is located just above the harbor on a street through Dalvik called Hafnarbraut 22 next to the petrol station N1 – when you drive through the town of Dalvik you will see our ticket office on the main road just above the harbor close to petrol pumps of N1, on the house there is a big orange sign with “Arctic Sea Tours logo and whale watching” that will lead you to us. If you can not find it you can call us at 00 354 7717600

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Gentle Giants Whale Watching

Gentle Giants Whale Watching


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Gentle Giants Whale Watching in Húsavík Iceland

With Gentle Giants you can experience exciting seafaring adventures. We are located in the beautiful fishing village Húsavík, in the north of Iceland. Our town has gained a reputation of being the whale watching capital of Europe – for a reason of course. With a 98% success rate of spotting whales, our aim is to raise general awareness and interest in whales as well as their habitat. Welcome to experience unforgettable adventures with us at Gentle Giants.

Our company is proud of its originality and background and is owned by people with vast experience in the field. We were born by the bay of Skjálfandi and our ancestors too. Way back!

What makes our seafaring adventures so memorable? Maybe the close-up encounters with whales (which you had only dreamt of before) together with stunning nature and personal service onboard? Maybe the great amounts of fresh fish which you can catch with your bare hands and cook the same evening? Maybe the sail around an island with 250.000 puffins above, around and under you. We can offer you experiences that you do not find elsewhere.



Experience the traditional tour from Húsavík. Our birthplace is considered by visitors as the Whale Watching Capital of Europe. It is a unique adventure at sea – watching the wonders of nature in the beautiful surroundings of Skjálfandi Bay, sheltered by the stunning mountains of Vík …


In this one hour Puffins Exclusive Express Tour, we will take you to Puffin Island (Lundey) on our new boat Amma Sigga to see one of the largest puffin colonies in Iceland. This island is only 4,5 nautical miles from Húsavík harbour and with our fast RHIB we will take you there in only a few minutes …


With our new boat Amma Sigga we can offer our passengers more area to cover in search for the gentle giants. This RHIB is faster than the wind and makes it therefore more likely for us to find the big whales (humpback whales and blue whales) …

Elding – Whale-watching

Elding whale watching is located in Reykjavík. Whale watching tours are scheduled from Reykjavík April through September. Coach-pickup provided.



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Telephone: +354 771-7600

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Whale Watching in Iceland

Scheduled boat trips for whale watching, sea angling and bird watching in Dalvik, 42 km (26 miles) north of Akureyri, Iceland.

Each trip takes about three hours in a beautiful oak boat.

On each boat trip you will experience wild nature in Eyjafjordur, longest fjord in Iceland.

Whale watching, most common humpback whale, minke whale, dolphins and harbour porpoise. Catching fish on angle like real fisherman. Birdwatching in the cliffs and usually sailing around Hrísey island the pearl of Eyjafjordur (depends on the whalewatching). A wonderful adventure for the whole family. In the end of each trip you can taste fresh fish from your boat trip.