Icelandic Elements

Icelandic elements is a partnership formed by childhood friends from Reykjavik who have combined their various experiences & skills to generate the ultimate Icelandic adventure. At Icelandic elements we offer an unrivaled personal experience; with a maximum group number of 6 we can guarantee that your trip will be everything you expected and much much more.

We believe the only true way to experience Iceland is the way that icelander‘s have for years, our goal is to help you enjoy Iceland the same way we have our whole lives.

Our tours will take you beyond the usual tourist attractions as we delve deeper into Icelandic culture and history, giving you a real feeling of life in Iceland whilst experiencing the best that Iceland’s nature has to offer.

Meet Petur

Petur (or simply Peter) has been involved in outdoor activities his whole life, growing up in Iceland has given him a world of opportunities to connect with the nature. Petur started fishing at the age of 11 and since then has been involved massively as both a hobbyist & professionally and more recently has become a serious mountain bike competitor. After spending the summer of 2006 working as a fishing guide at Hofsa river lodge, Petur realised his passion & then began his quest to share this love of outdoor activities, in particularly the Icelandic nature with the world.

„The feeling of togetherness you get when competing or simply being in the nature with an intimate group is like none other, I started Icelandic Elements to share this feeling with you through my guided tours & activities.“ – Pétur Benedikt Rafnsson head Guide and founder of Icelandinc Elements

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Trip Iceland

Trip is a well-established tourist information and booking agency in the heart of Reykjavík. Our aim, simply put, is to help you create memories worth remembering and telling.

It all starts with deep love and respect for our country, mixed with a generous dose of wanderlust and first-hand travelling experience. It continues with selecting the best tour operators on the market and bringing their offer to you. Then it’s all about journeys worth taking, moments worth living and emotions worth feeling.

We work with all types of travellers, from budget backpackers to those looking for exclusivity and luxury. No matter what your budget is, we can surely find the right solution for you.

Our partners are reliable and qualified suppliers, from local family-run tour operators to big companies with decades of experience in the travel industry. We take pride in collaborating with all of them yet being independent.

We also keep an attentive eye on our prices, meeting or beating any offer currently advertised on the Internet. Trip will always strive to provide meaningful, rewarding and unforgettable experiences for our clients with the highest level of consultation service and personalised advice.
We look forward to sharing this all with you!!



Reykjavik Sightseeing


Reykjavik Sightseeing is a leading operator of guided day tours in Reykjavik city and the southwest of Iceland. Based in the picturesque old quarter of the city, near Reykjavik harbour, the company is owned and run by pioneers in the Icelandic travel industry.

Reykjavik Sightseeing offers all the popular day tours from Reykjavik & and in Reykjavík.

Our city day tours include a variety of city sightseeing such as walking and cycling tours, as well as a local food and craft beer tour.


On our day tours out of Reykjavik you can explore the Golden Circle with its iconic stops at the Geysir erupting hot spring, Gullfoss Waterfall and Þingvellir National Park. We also take you along the stunning South Coast of Iceland with its glacier-topped volcanoes and endless black sandy beaches.

Other spectacular attractions include hunting for the magical Northern Lights, decending into an ice cave deep beneath the glacier’s surface and speeding across the snowy wastes of a glacier on a snowmobile.

We have it all and much more in our selection.

Reykjavik Sightseeing is proud of the superior service it provides. We operate a new fleet of coaches where each seat is equipped with a touch screen tablet complete with our unique „In Bus Audio Guide“. This electronic guide provides all you need to know on each tour in 10 different languages. The tablets can also be used to surf the web, watch videos and more.

Traveling with Reykjavik Sightseeing allows you to embrace the extraordinary!



Harpa Yachts Iceland

Relax, put your feet up and enjoy the breathtaking views of Reykjavík from the sea. Harpa yachts offers tailor-made tours, anywhere from several hours or even overnight to wherever you may want to sail, for however long you might want to sail from Reykjavík.

The yacht is a fully equipped luxury vessel with salon and fly-bridge. Licenced to accommodate 6 people in overnight dwellings and 35 people on day tours.

For a truly unique experience and an opportunity to sail in ultimate luxury and style or simply stay at the pier, Harpa yachts is at your command. Living on board is easy and Harpa Yachts strive to pick the best sailing routes at any given time. Smooth sailing is always the optimal goal.

Recreation options once on-board are versatile, such as sea-angling, sightseeing, bird watching or even whale watching.

Whether the scene is Northern Lights, the midnight sun or simply a romantic tour into the night, sailing is the way to go!

On board, the yacht can service clients with anything from banquets, to meetings, anniversaries to birthdays or any other social gathering. The food on board accordingly, can be anything from finger-food to canapes or three course meals or a full buffet.

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Black Beach Tours Iceland

Black Beach Tours are run by local Icelandic people. We know South Iceland and Þorlákshöfn like the back of our hands and have been having adventures there for years. We love being outdoors and enjoying the Icelandic nature and would love to guide you through our country, both via land and sea. Check out the tours that we offer and enjoy being guided by local people who love their country.

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Visit Reykjavík

Visit Reykjavík is the marketing office for the greater Reykjavík area, working closely with all the surrounding municipalities in promoting the area as a destination.

Visit Reykjavík runs the Official Tourist Information Centre in downtown Reykjavík. Visit Reykjavík promotes the city area through channels such as, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, Visit Reykjavík offers the Reykjavík City Card for visitors. Furthermore, Visit Reykjavík operates and runs 5 of the largest festivals in Reykjavík, such as Winter Lights Festival, Children’s Cultural Festival, Culture Night, Illumination of the Peace Tower and December in Reykjavík.

Visit Reykjavík’s focus in development is to strengthen the brand Reykjavík Loves, in collaboration with the Reykjavík area municipalities; as well as using the Reykjavík City Card as a tool of destination management. Furthermore, the development focus is to re-enforce the Official Tourist Information Centre with emphasis on the brand, Reykjavík loves. Visit Reykjavík is also focusing on strengthening the cooperation with the foreign embassies in Iceland and the European City Marketing collaboration.




The Sport Diving School of Iceland was founded in 1997 by Tómas J. Knútsson, whose work set the standard for recreationaldiving in Iceland.

It is thanks to Tómas’s efforts in promoting scuba diving in Iceland that Silfra became such a beloved dive site among the international diving community. Today, Tómas focuses on a subdivision of PADI Project Aware called the Blue Army, which he founded and manages.

In the summer of 2006 Tobias Klose took over management of DIVE.IS. Tobias has travelled all over Iceland in search of new dive sites and developed new dive tours covering the greatest (so far known) dive spots in the country.

In 2012 DIVE.IS was upgraded to a 5 STAR PADI Dive Center and in 2013 DIVE.IS became a 5 STAR PADI Instructor Development Centre.

In 2017 DIVE.IS was recognized as a “Model Company of the Year” by VR, the union of employees and employers engaged in commerce in Iceland. DIVE.IS received this award for its excellence in categories including management, equality, work atmosphere, and employee happiness.

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The Geysers

The Great Geyser is considered one of the greatest natural attraction in Iceland. In the 19th century the Geyser would shoot up 80-meters in the air, but today it has to be triggered by man.  It used to erupt every 60 minutes until the early 1900s when it became dormant.

Iceland Top Places to visit

Iceland top 10 Palces to Visit

If you are planning to visit Iceland you better be a fan of nature. Iceland’s nature is by far the most popular reason travellers visit the country. It is difficult to make a ranking list of the most interesting places to visit in Iceland but if one was to make such a list the outcome would be something like this:

1.  Asbyrgi

Asbyrgi can certainly be counted as one of nature’s wonders. This wonder of nature is 3 1/2 km long canyon with up to 100 m high walls occupied by fulmars during the breeding season. Asbyrgi is the northernmost section of the National Park Jokulsargljufur.

2.  Glaciers of Iceland

Almost all types of glaciers are found in Iceland, ranging from the small cirque glaciers to extensive glacier caps reminding one of the inland ice of Greenland. The latter are drained by broad lobe-shaped outlets or by valley glaciers of the alpine type.

3. Glacier fjords – Jokulfirdir

The West Fjords may not be one of the hot areas in Iceland. There are no active volcanoes but there are geothermal fields in some places although it’s not enough for house heating. One Glacier, Drangajokull, is on the high plains in the eastern part of the area.

4.  Glacier lagoon – Jokulsarlon

The Glacier Lagoon (Jokulsarlon), a glacial river lagoon in Iceland, is part of one of the shortest rivers in Iceland, Jokulsa at Breidamerkursandi, which is only 1500 meters (4900 feet) long.

5.  Gullfoss and Geysir

Geysir is Iceland’ best known geyser area and includes the infamous geyser of geysers Geysir it self and his little brother Strokkur. Nest stop is Gullfoss, a huge waterfall in a cliff-girded canyon, it’s fall is about 32 meters. It plunges over rock ledges in a series of two cascades over 32 meters down into the deep.

6.  Myvatn

The natural beauty of the area is special and draws a stream of tourists in the summer, though it is not less beautiful in the winter. Popular tourist sites are the lava formations at Dimmuborgir, Mt. Hverfjall, Krafla, and the geothermal area east of amaskardur.The lake is drained by the Laxa, one of the best salmon fishing rivers in Iceland.

7.  Skaftafell

Skaftafell covers an area of about 1,600 sq km which spreads over three valley glaciers of the glaciers Skeidararjokull, Morsarjokull and Skaftafellsjokull on the southern fringes of Vatnajokull, Europe’s largest glacier ice-cap.

8.  South shore

When leaving Reykjavik you first will cross a mountain range to enter the wide plains of the south. In good weather you can see tens of miles to the mountains of the highlands, to the majestic glaciers Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull that cover two volcanoes.

9.  Westmann Islands – Vestmannaeyjar

Sometimes called „Popeii of the north“ Vestmanneyjar is known for it’s lively volcano activities. The islands are located in a active volcanic area, which erupted last during the Heimaey eruption of 1973. Vestmannaeyjar, the Westmann Islands, are a group of 15 to 18 steep and rocky islands, with green mountain sides and ridges.

10. Thingvellir

The only place in the world were you can easily see the tectonic plates move apart from each other You can stand on the American tectonic plate and look over at the European tectonic plate. This is the only place in the world where it is easy to see it above sea level.