Borea is a fully licensed adventure guiding company based in Ísafjörður in the heart of the Westfjords of Iceland.

The founders of Borea have always recognized the great potential of adventure tourism surrounding their home, yet little was being done to encourage it. They wanted to let people enjoy their home environment in the same way they had done since they were young.

Borea was created in 2006 and focuses on both short day trips for everyone and exclusive expeditions to remote corners in the Arctic.

The company is operated by sailors, climbers, skiers, and sea kayakers that find their inspiration in the unique wilderness that surrounds them.

All our guides are local Icelanders and good friends that have designed each trip to operate in full harmony with nature.

Borea Adventures is run by Rúnar Karlsson and Nanný Arna Guðmundsdóttir. They are both born in Ísafjörður and living there. They have years of experience in all sorts of outdoor activities in Iceland and know the Westfjords like the back of their hand. The company only hires guides with thorough knowledge in backcountry skiing, sea kayaking, hiking and that have great respect for the natural environment.


Viking Horses

Viking Horses offer short horse riding tours in beautiful nature on the outskirts of Reykjavik. Mountains, green nature and the beautiful pseudocraters at Rauðhólar surround our stables. We specialize smaller groups with personalized service. We are open all year round.


Another Iceland

Another Iceland is an Icelandic travel company that has been organizing self drive tours in Iceland since 2009. The company was founded by Guy Gutraiman, an Icelandic citizen.

Our Motto: The way to achieve excellence is to dedicate most of the time to one purpose only. Our team in Another Iceland devotes 365 days a year to one purpose: Planning and executing tours in Iceland. Each of our tour packages is built by a team of local experts familiar closely with Iceland and its natural wonders in addition to feed backs we receive from many of our travelers we manage to create the perfect vacation packages. Our focus on this one target has made us experts in our field.

Your Holiday – Our Experience!

Experience: Every year our team goes for comprehensive inspection of suppliers around Iceland. We reexamine accommodation, services and local operators in order to give you the most accurate information and ensure that you receive the highest level of service.

Money-saving: We work directly with local suppliers, saving you expensive third-party fees. Our extensive knowledge about Iceland in addition to the wide network of authorized tour providers ensures that you get the best value for your money.

Customer Service: We are here for you – all the time. In Iceland we operate a call center available to travelers 24/7, for any question or problem we are here for you to ensure smooth and trouble-free trip.

Book Early: High season in Iceland is relatively short and demand is high, you shouldn’t wait until the last minute. Reserve your vacation early and get the best available deal.

Licensed by the Icelandic Ministry of Tourism: Another Iceland operates the website and is licensed by the Icelandic Ministry of Tourism (license number 520612-0680).

Explore Iceland…

We’ll Take Care Of The Rest!



Ambassador Sea Tours Iceland

Ambassador was founded by the whale watching enthusiast, captain Magnus Gudjonsson in 2013 in the town of Akureyri in northern Iceland. The company soon gained very good reputation and in early 2017 we also started tours from the Reykjavik harbor.


Our goal has always been to deliver first-class tours, where safety and quality are the key factors. All our tours are constructed with passion by wildlife experts to deliver the ultimate whale watching experience for you and your companions.

The Ambassador team is a perfect mix of professionalism and passion and we strive to make your tour unforgettable while respecting the delicacy of the environment in which we operate. We love whale watching, and we want to share our wealth of knowledge and provide you with a genuine and entertaining whale watching experience.

Our vessels are specially designed for whale watching. They are fast, stable and safe, designed to give you the best possible viewing angles while complying with the strictest safety standards for comfort and cleanliness. Since we get excellent reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor, we are confident that once you set your foot on board you will agree.



Salka Whale Watching

The Family
Salka is a family owned company. The family has years of experience in the tourist business: running restaurants since 1997 and Salka whale watching since 2012.

Our Crew
Our captains are expert fishermen and whale watching captains, so they know their ways on boats and how to steer them pleasantly across the sea and around the animals.
Our guides have excellent wildlife and nature knowledge and are more than happy to share information and their experience with our guests.

Enjoy the Ride
Our goal is to give every passenger sufficient space and to ensure complete comfortable on board, allowing them to enjoy the wildlife, while nature is impacted as little as possible.
We encourage our passengers to ask the crew as many questions during the tour as they like.
We Respect the Nature and our Environment
As part of our responsible whale watching policy we support the campaign Meet Us Don’t Eat Us and recommend the Whale Friendly restaurants to our customers.
Salka Whale Watching follows IceWhale’s Code of Conduct for responsible whale watching!
We believe in responsible tourism and we encourage you to take the Icelandic pledge, you could even win a trip to Iceland.

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Reykjavík Sailors Whale Watching

Reykjavik Sailors offer all sorts of sea adventure like whale watching – Northern lights and our special Creatures of the sea tour.

Our experienced team will guide you through an adventure that’s hard to find elsewhere.
Our ship has three outdoor viewing plat- forms and a large indoor saloon always full with light snacks, beer and soft drinks. This ship is great for dinner cruises for both large and exclusive groups. Our whale watching ship Gullfoss has three outdoor viewing platforms and a large indoor saloon always full with light snacks, beer and soft drinks.

Hlésgata, Vesturbugt F
101 Reykjavík


Whale Safari

Whale Safari was founded in 2006 under the name of Sea Safari. We are pioneers in whale watching on RIB boats in Iceland, the first ones on the water. Ingólfur Guðlaugsson founded the company with the ambition to bring nature lovers and adventurers closer to the wildlife of Faxaflói Bay, including its whales, dolphins and birds.

In 2015 Torfi G Yngvason bought the company and took over the reigns. Mr. Yngvason has worked in the outdoor guiding industry for his entire adult life, having founded Arctic Adventures, Glacier Guides, Arctic Rafting and worked as a guide for more then a decade.

Our aim is to provide outstanding tours in harmony with nature.

We use our fast RIB boats with the utmost respect for the wildlife. The capability, manoeuvrability and speed of RIB boats means that we can cover a larger area then the standard whale watching ships. This increases our odds of viewing whales, dolphins and puffins in their natural habitat. When we do find our marine mammal friends you will be closer to them and the ocean than ever possible on the larger ships. Viewing these magnificent beings from a RIB boat is a once in a lifetime experience not soon to be forgotten.


We are proud to be the first and only small group whale watching company as well as being the first operator in Reykjavík that uses RIB boats along side bigger ships for whale watching. Whale Safari (and its former name Sea Safari) is a family owned company that began with a keen and real passion for wildlife, boats and people. In our mind whale watching and puffin tours are a great way to unite these interests while giving locals and foreign visitors to Iceland the chance to view Iceland’s marine life.

The company was founded in 2006, and over the years our tours and services have changed and progressed a great deal; from the humble beginnings of seasonal tours to a year-round operation. It´s not hard to imagine why whale watching has become one of the top three tourist adventures in Iceland.


We believe that our experience and passion enable us to deliver the best tours humanly possible. We truly put great care and detail into our services and customer care. We have profound respect and love for nature as it has become a lifestyle for us. As our tours are authentic wildlife tours each trip can be remarkably different then the previous. We wish all our guests the best of luck!

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101 Reykjavík
Hof Cultural Center
600 Akureyri


Special Tours Iceland

Special Tours was founded in 1996 as a Puffin Watching & School Trip Sea Tour Operator. We are very proud to be the first company in our marketplace to offer these unique tours from Reykjavik & for being able to have expanded into offering all the other sea adventures we offer today.

Special Tours Wildlife Adventures is known amongst passengers and partners for its ambitious & hard working team, aiming for great adventures for every tour and for every client. Our staff excels in running the operation of Whale Watching Tours, Puffin Tours, Sea Angling and Northern Lights Excursions.

Special Tours’ main focus is comfort and personal service, while making sure we protect and respect the environment. We have a skilled & friendly crew, as well as an experienced guide on every tour.

Special Tours offers sea adventures all year around, both to individuals and groups. We offer competitive prices and put a great emphasis on excellent service and a great experience on our tours. We are continuously developing our service and range of products, as well as finding new ways to excel in whatever we offer.

Our employees all cherish the company’s environmental policy and together we are working towards sustainable tourism.

As a part of our social responsibility policy we support the local community as well as focusing in building a good relationship with our fellow colleagues in the sector, our neighbors, suppliers and customers.

Special Tours main goal is to be a leading company in sustainable tourism in Iceland along with providing excellent customer service and great variety of tours to our customers.

Reykjavík´s Old Harbour
101 Reykjavík


Elding Whale Watching Iceland


Elding Whale Watching offers the most talked-about whale watching and sea adventure tours in Iceland. With decades of experience, we provide responsible whale watching tours, year round. Our other tours include incentive and exclusive tours, and the ferry to Viðey Island.

We also have seasonal tours. In summer we offer puffin watching and sea angling, and in winter our tours include Northern Lights Cruises and Imagine Peace Tours.


We are proud to be the original whale watching operator in Reykjavík. Elding is a family owned company that began with a personal interest in wildlife, boats and people. Whale watching tours were the perfect way to unite these interests while giving locals and tourists the chance to experience Iceland’s marine life.

We started in 2000, and over the years our products and services have developed a great deal; from small-scale seasonal tours to year-round products, and whale watching is now one of the top three tourist activities in Iceland.


In early 2016 we began operating out of the heart of Akureyri in North Iceland where we now have two types of vessels and thus experiences to choose from (one 200 passenger catamaran and two 12 seater RIB’s). Our first year we had 100% whale sightings and we continue to see multiple whales daily! The unbeatable closeness to nature and wildlife is unlike any other.

As an added bonus – our complimentary tickets (in case there are no sightings on our tours) are now valid in either Reykjavík or Akureyri.


We follow IceWhale’s codes of conduct for responsible whale watching as well as following our own stricter guidelines. We take part in international cooperation on the future of whale watching, e.g. IWC and Planet Whale. To advance our knowledge we participate and support marine biologists reserach on wildlife in our area. Elding also is the first and only environmentally certified whale watching company in Iceland.

Ægisgarður 5
101 reykjavík


Láki Tours

LÁKI TOURS is a thriving family-owned company in Grundarfjörður which specializes in whale watching and bird watching tours. We offer first-class boat trips that allow all our passengers to enjoy what is on offer. Our aim is to bring our customers as close to the whales as possible, without impacting negatively on them and their magnificent environment. Our policy of responsible whale watching involves respecting the world of the whale by approaching them slowly and carefully, by not encroaching on their space and by making sure that we never outstay our welcome.

Láki Tours adheres to the Ice Whale Code of Conduct, which dictates how boats should manoeuvre around whales and dolphins. One of our owners was instrumental in designing and implementing the Code of Conduct as an important part of being an environmentally conscious and sustainable whale watch. It ensure that we do not disturb the animals we are watching, by dictating the distance, direction and speed at which we approach the whales. We will often turn off the engines and drift with the animals, if conditions allow, so you can have a magical encounter with them, but with minimal disturbance. As we are the only whale watch company in both the areas we work, there will never be more boats than whales, again ensuring minimal disturbance.

Nesvegur 5
350 Grundarfjörður