Bus tous in Iceland

You will be surprised to find out how big Iceland really is, yes we know it’s an island in the North Atlantic, but it’s actually quite a big one, and bus tours in Iceland are a great choice..
We recommend spending more than a couple of days in Iceland, there is just so much to do in Iceland. To those planning to travel to Iceland we say: prepare, book hotels in Iceland ahead of time and make sure you have a good list of things to do in Iceland and what to see in Iceland. Traveling from one place to the next is also surprisingly tiring, going from the capital of iceland, Reykjavik, to theGeysir and Gullfoss locations and back will take you most of the day.

Our top tip for travelers is to book bus tours and enjoy the ride. The scenes from the window are spectacular and guided bus tours are also quite informative. There are exciting bus tours too, like theglacier tour and the ones that will take you all around Iceland on the Ring road. So don’t worry about the size of Iceland, just hit the bus tours.