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Eyjabakkajokull Glacier in Iceland

The glacier snout Eyjabakkajokull is the easternmost of the other much larger, northern tongues. It flows through the so-called Devil’s Pass to the east of Breidabunga and down to the mud-flats Eyjabakkar, which is dotted with ponds and small lakes, through which many branches of River Jokulsa in Fljotsdalur run.

Dynjandi Waterfall

Many Icelanders state that Dynjandi, also known as Fjallfoss, is the most beautiful and photogenic waterfall in Iceland. Dynjandi is in fact a series of multiple waterfalls with each “subtier” entitled by the following names: Bæjarfoss, Hundafoss, Hrísvaðsfoss, Göngumannafoss, Strompgljúfrafoss, and Hæstafjallafoss. The waterfall is located in Arnarfjordur in the Westfjords of Iceland.

Drangajokull Glacier in Iceland

Drangajokull is the northernmost glacier of Iceland. It is situated southwest of the peninsula Hornstrandir in the Vestfirdir region. The glacier covers an area of 160–200 km2 (62–77 sq. mi) at an altitude of 925 m (3,035 feet).  It is the only Icelandic glacier entirely below an altitude of 1000 meters and also the only […]

Dettifoss Waterfall

Dettifoss is considered to be Europe’s most powerful waterfall reaching almost 44m/144ft in height and about 100m/330ft in width. Located in Vatnajökull National Park in the Northeast of Iceland, this powerful waterfall has an average water flow of 193m3/s. Given the magnitude of these majestic falls, it is a wonder all on its own.

Breidamerkurjokull Glacier in Iceland

Breidamerkurjokullis an outlet glacier of the larger glacier of Vatnajokull in southeastern Iceland. Emerging as a tongue of the Vatnajokull, it ends in a small lagoon, known as Jokulsarlon. Over time, it has gradually been breaking down. The tongue of Breidamerkurjokull glacier is a major attraction for tourists. Tour operators conduct snowmobile and jeep tours to […]

Aurora Reykavik

When designing the Northern Lights Center it was made to be something special. The Northern Lights are an amazing natural wonder. To accomodate them there had to be a design that looks just as out of this world. The interior of the Northern Light Center is something that could only come out of the mind […]

Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall

Close to Godafoss, Aldeyjarfoss is located deeper in the Icelandic highlands next to road 842 (known as Kjölur). The cascade waterfall and the basalt columns in the highlands of Iceland and the powdery color attest to the glacial origins of the watercourse as well as the familiar interplay of fire and ice. They all add […]

Downtown Shopping in Reykjavik

Downtown Shopping in Reykjavik Laugavegur is the main shopping street in downtown Reykjavik. In this popular shopping area of Reykjavik you’ll find a large number of clothing stores, souvenir shops, Icelandic designers, little cafes, and specialty shops. Although it may not be the most frugile shopping experience you‘ll ever have, it will definitely be one […]

The bases of Icelandic Cuisine

celandic Food – Bases of Icelandic Cuisine     Icelandic cuisine, as you would experience it today on a holiday in Iceland, has changed dramatically from what it used to be. Throughout the ages the people of Iceland have had to deal with the elements and Icelands unpredictable natural forces all the while trying to produce enough […]

History of Icelandic Cuisine

The roots of Icelandic cuisine can be found in the very oldest cooking traditions of Scandinavian cuisine, tracing its origins back to the Vikings and the first settlers of Iceland. Products made from the various Icelandic animals dominate Icelandic cuisine today as they have for centuries. Fresh lamb meat for example remains extremely popular in Icelandic cuisine. Popular taste has developed […]