About Iceland

Planning your dream vacation to the Northern hemisphere? If you are in search of new and exciting experiences in a challenging and unspoiled natural environment then you should consider exploring Iceland and what it has to offer.

Here you can read all about Iceland: the history, culture, language and food not to mention the trips you can take and the tours you can join.
This small island in the North Atlantic was first settled by rough and tough vikings who explored Iceland in the 9th century and gave it its chilly name. Iceland is still populated by their feisty descendants and though the nation has grown considerably since its founding there are only around 330.000 Icelanders.
The language spoken on the remote island is Icelandic, it perfectly reflects the elemental forces which have shaped it.

Icelanders throughout the country warmly welcome tourists wishing to explore Iceland and all its natural gems. Everything from the legendary hot springs of Iceland, to the Blue Lagoon and the original Geysir or the the freezing glaciers in Iceland. Should that not satisfy your thirst for an adventure in Iceland keep your eye on the sky for the amazing Northern lights during the Icelandic winter and the endless days of the Icelandic summer.