Gentle Giants Whale Watching

Gentle Giants Whale Watching


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Gentle Giants Whale Watching in Húsavík Iceland

With Gentle Giants you can experience exciting seafaring adventures. We are located in the beautiful fishing village Húsavík, in the north of Iceland. Our town has gained a reputation of being the whale watching capital of Europe – for a reason of course. With a 98% success rate of spotting whales, our aim is to raise general awareness and interest in whales as well as their habitat. Welcome to experience unforgettable adventures with us at Gentle Giants.

Our company is proud of its originality and background and is owned by people with vast experience in the field. We were born by the bay of Skjálfandi and our ancestors too. Way back!

What makes our seafaring adventures so memorable? Maybe the close-up encounters with whales (which you had only dreamt of before) together with stunning nature and personal service onboard? Maybe the great amounts of fresh fish which you can catch with your bare hands and cook the same evening? Maybe the sail around an island with 250.000 puffins above, around and under you. We can offer you experiences that you do not find elsewhere.



Experience the traditional tour from Húsavík. Our birthplace is considered by visitors as the Whale Watching Capital of Europe. It is a unique adventure at sea – watching the wonders of nature in the beautiful surroundings of Skjálfandi Bay, sheltered by the stunning mountains of Vík …


In this one hour Puffins Exclusive Express Tour, we will take you to Puffin Island (Lundey) on our new boat Amma Sigga to see one of the largest puffin colonies in Iceland. This island is only 4,5 nautical miles from Húsavík harbour and with our fast RHIB we will take you there in only a few minutes …


With our new boat Amma Sigga we can offer our passengers more area to cover in search for the gentle giants. This RHIB is faster than the wind and makes it therefore more likely for us to find the big whales (humpback whales and blue whales) …