What to do in Iceland

As you plan your trip to Iceland take note of the fact that Iceland constantly changing. The Icelandic seasons are four summer, Winter, Fall and Spring and they are all unique. You will not have the same choice of what to do in Iceland in the Spring as you would in the Winter in Iceland. The winters offer Northern lights, snow and winter sports, New years eve in Iceland is also something to reccommend. The summer in Icleand on the other hand is vibrant and full of life there are festivals in Iceland during the summer almost every weekend and there are many places to see in Icleand during the Summer that are otherwise closed off such as the Icelandic highlands. Iceland offers a wide choice of experiences for tourists regardless of when you visit the country. Each season in Iceland will leave you with a host of unforgettable memories. Don't be worried about missing out on things to do in Iceland because you travel in the off-season, many tours in Icleand are available all year around like horse riding and whale watching, as well as a wide range of sightseeing tours. Museums in iceland are also open all year round and Reykjavik and Akureyri are charming whatever the time of year. There are also some festivals in Iceland that are season bound yearly 

events such as the Iceland Airvives music festival and the Reykjavik 
Marathon but if you intend to take part in these events in Iceland or 
others like them then you should definetly book ahead and secure 
Accommodations in Iceland and Rental cars in Icleand before you set out 
as these can be hard to find at a moments notice during popular times.

Hotels in Iceland