What to do in Reykjavik

What to Do in Reykjavik


Smaralind, Hagasmari 1

102 Kopavogur


Tel: +354 534 1900


Having kids in Iceland made easy! Skemmtigardurinn, located in the Smáralind shopping center, is an indoor entertainment center offering a full video arcade, carnival rides, a full scale jungle gym, food and refreshments.
If you’re looking for what to do in Reykjavik, this place has 2000 square meters of fun on two floors just waiting for you. The lower floor has family oriented games and plenty of rides with activities for everyone. The rides include a dance party ride, a drop tower for the kids, bumper cars and top of the line 7D cinema with full motion. The upper floor offers recreation for tweens, teens and adults with an arcade floor, laser tag arena, pool, darts and a sports bar where you can watch live sports.
If you’re coming to Iceland with kids and need to know what to do in Reykjavik, this is the perfect place to spend a fun-filled day with the family.

There is no admittance fee into the park and Skemmtigardurinn is only operated with Fun cards. The Fun cards or Skemmtikort as they are called locally can be bought at the ticket desk.

The Bowling Palace


105 Reykjavik


Tel: +354 511 5300


The Bowling Palace is a great option as far as entertainment in Reykjavik goes.
The Bowling Palace offers 18 high quality bowling lanes, with automatic scoring system and new plastic lanes. The automatic scoring system gathers every player’s scores and even calculates the speed of every throw. It’s a fun thing to do in Reykjavik with a large group of people or if you’re in Iceland with kids. Entertaining 3-D animations appear after every throw and indicate how the player did in previous throw. You have to see it to believe it!

Archery Center

Furugrund 3

200 Kópavogur


Tel: +354 571 9333


Planning a family trip to Iceland?
The Archery Center is a great activity to do in Reykjavik whether you’re going solo, with a group of friends or with the whole family.
It is open every day 12-22 and the only thing you need to bring is an excitement and a goal to have fun in Reykjavik. Given that all equipment is on site, you get a bow, arrows, shields and targets in which you can shoot. Along with the supervisor on site that introduces you to the foundation of how to shoot, you’ll find that visiting the Archery Center is a fun and safe activity in Reykjavik.


Activity Park in Reykjavik

Gufunesvegur in Grafarvogur

112 Reykjavik


+354 534-1900


Enjoy a day filled with activities in this great outdoor park in Reykjavík.
Open all summer and open by bookings during the winter, Skemmtigardurinn Grafarvogi offers a beautiful landscape sculpted to create a fun and unique Reykjavik experience.
Try the World War II battle field or visit the Wild West for an activity filled afternoon with your kids in Iceland! If you’re looking for something quieter the park has two state of the art mini golf courses with 18 holes each! Try the incredible Treasure hunt course or take the tour around Iceland course where you mini golf through some of Iceland’s most famous landmarks.
Give them a call to organize your day of fun activities in Reykjavik.



Reykjavik Botanic Garden


104 Reykjavik


Tel: +354 411 8650


If you’re making your list of “what to do in Reykjavik,”visiting the Reykjavik Botanic Garden is a great option.
The Reykjavik Botanic Garden is an outdoor collection of living plants and is completely free in Reykjavik. Its main role is to conserve plants for education, research and delight. The garden conserves some 5000 plant species in eight plant collections. The collections give an idea of the enormous diversity of vegetation in the northern temperate zone.
In summer in Reykjavik, there is a variety of events in the Botanic Garden and group receptions are available throughout the year. Café Flora is open in the display greenhouse from May to September. The Café is popular and well known for its delicious treats with ingredients grown in the garden and served in beautiful surroundings.


Tjornin Pond

Reykjavik City Center,
off of Frikirkjuvegur

If you’re looking for a free activity in Reykjavik, feeding the ducks at Tjornin Pond is the most local and relaxing thing you can find!
Situated in downtown Reykjavik, next to City Hall and several museums, Tjornin Pond, is a small lake in the center of Reykjavik that attracts a variety of birds and locals alike. Tjörnin has long been a favorite spot for bringing young children to see and feed the ducks, seagulls, swans and geese that reside there. During the winter, the lake usually freezes over but hot geothermal waters are pumped in to defrost an area of water for the birds.


Sun Voyager

Downtown Reykjavik,

Visiting the Sun Voyager is a must on the “what to do in Reykjavik” checklist. The Sun Voyager is a very well-known Icelandic sculpture created by Jón Gunnar Árnason.
The sculpture is located off of Saebraut, by the sea, in the center of Reykjavík. In 1986, the district association of the west part of the city funded a competition for a new outdoor sculpture to commemorate the 200th anniversary. It is one of Reykjavik’s most iconic sculptures and represents a Viking boat sailing into the sunset as can be seen on late summer nights.
The sculpture is notorious for photographs given its proximity to the sea and beautiful design.


Videy Island Ferry

Sunda –Harbour

104 Reykjavik


Tel: +354 533 5055


Videy Island is a wonderful place for a Reykjavik day time excursion.
As the island itself is natural treasure, its proximity to the Reykjavik city center is also an added bonus. Given the 7 minute ferry ride from the Reykjavik Harbor to Videy Island, passengers can be sure to enjoy the fresh air and exciting boat trip without the hassle of a long trip across the sea.
Furthermore, Videy Island is a very enjoyable place for Icelandic outdoor recreation. It abounds with Icelandic bird life, grasses and soft hollows combined with tranquility and the spirit of bygone centuries. Some fine walking paths are scattered invitingly around the island. The beach is a treasure for learning, experiencing and creating.